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The total transformation program

A 12 week transformation program

This is a 90 day intensive program for those that are committed to make a big transformation in their life.

You want:
- More energy
- Be more present in your life
- Nourish your body with healthier food
- Feel more balanced and fulfilled
- Create space in your life for friendships, self care, exercise and    doing things that you love. 
- Change your lifestyle for good!

Do you feel stressed out ? Do you feel tired a lot or have a hard time relaxing? Struggle with your weight ? Could you use more energy Do you feel you could benefit from building healthy habits ? Do you desperately want to make a change? This program might be right for you. 

This is a 12 session program consisting of weekly 50 minute coaching sessions. This program offers a holistic approach, we discuss all areas of your life to ultimately be more in alignment, balanced and fulfilled. We zoom in what seems most relevant to your needs and where you want to grow. We dig deeper, we look at you and your life as a whole, no short term fixes.


We work on building healthy habits (nutrition, exercise, sleep, selfceare and much more). We figure out why you do what you do and how you can change your lifestyle for good. I walk you through a system (the right steps in the right order), offer you support (and stretch) and accountability. Without accountability, we don’t always follow through, we fall into ruts. It’s really useful to have someone to hold us to the highest version of ourselves that we can dream up. That’s why it’s so important to have a coach. I am looking forward to embark on this journey together

Your investment for this program is $450 per month (for 3 months) or

$1300 for a one time payment

12 session program

1:1 Session

1:1 Coaching session

 This is a 50 minute session (virtual or in person). Through a holistic approach we find out what your unique body, mind and soul need to thrive. 

I offer 50 min sessions, one time, weekly or bi-weekly. 

I can help you with stress management, weight loss, eating well, energy renewal, general health and emotional wellness. We build habits that create health, give you tools to deal with stress and maintaining your own well being. Together we look at what is keeping you stuck, what next steps would be helpful and I provide accountability. I also offer a non judgmental listening ear and can help you build emotional strength.

Your investment is $125 per session


Video coaching session
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